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1. Outreach, fill your church.

        Performances are every 8 - 16 weeks at each church. The reason this works so well is these are "Requests Only Concerts"  Mr. Greeninger plays different songs each time, plus it's a fun format that everyone enjoys and looks forward to the next concert. Most important: the buzz goes around and the audience grows with each return performance. This becomes an incredible outreach program for your church and ticket donations help fund your cause. If we are doing these performances at twelve or more churches our PSAs, social media and other forms of advertising help all churches in the group.

2. Quick and easy fund raising for your church groups (Food Banks, Missions, youth groups, etc.), NO products involved, and it's fun.

3. Why do garage/yard sales or any of the difficult find raisers or outreach programs when you can simply do this?

4. 100% of funds raised go to your cause.

Tip: Love offering concerts are not near as effective, see Donation/Ticket format below.

Quick, Easy, Effective. Details below -

PIF: Pay It Forward


Your concert time, place and date will be placed on the bottom space of this poster and sent to you in a high resolution format for print out, tickets as well.


Your concert time, place and date will be placed on the bottom space of this poster and sent to you in a high resolution format for print out, tickets as well.


 Call: 417-251-3400

. See him perform and fund your event as well ... The ultimate FUNdRaiser. Quick, easy and no products involved - Very cool!

. Very Easy: Show the poster to people and ask for a donation. Give the donating person(s) a paper, open-seating ticket (below). It is both a receipt and a ticket. They show it at the door and keep it for a tax deduction.

. NOTE: For the next few concerts we are giving 100% of all ticket sales/donations your groups raise back to your good cause/fund raisers. We are in the Northwest now, so give us a call with your fund raising idea, available dates and we will set up a performance. 417-251-3400 (Branson number, in Oregon now).

. Everyone enjoys Jim's performances ... in fact he sells more CDs at each concert than anyone you will ever see. Oh yes, it can be repeated several times because Jim is doing his popular "All Requests From The Audience" concert format.

. 06/13/2015 - Jim has just won 2nd place in the International Idol competition in Anaheim CA sponsored by Enagic, performing for 3,000 guests. Jim won over many singers, comedians, dancers, etc. - and he is "just" a solo guitarist.


HOW DOES IT WORK? Each person helping, fund raising groups or church members, gets a copy of the above poster so it is easy to ask friends, realities or neighbors: "Would you like to come to a solo guitar concert? It helps our youth groups" (or whatever group the funds are for) and show them the poster and a ticket.

           2 1/8" x 5 1/2" actual size

TICKET INFORMATION:  Check boxes are (left to right): 1. Open Seating, for donations $10 and lower, unless they request otherwise. 2. Donation/Receipt. People show the ticket at the door and keep it as their receipt. This way they are more likely to give a little more than just a very low donation, and certainly more than a love offering. 3. Front Rows. For donations above $10, but please do ask if they wish to be in the first rows.

SUGGESTION: One pastor has put together packages with a poster, instructions and eight donation tickets. He is asking each member of the church to invite others to the church and help the cause.


     1. Mr. Greeninger will be playing a variety of music styles, like his show in Branson Missouri. A fun time with jokes, stories, super solo    .........acoustic and classical guitar.

     2. EACH person donating gets a Ticket/Receipt, one person admitted per ticket only.

     3. ALL tickets should be accounted for. One person, or church office, keeps track of how many tickets are given to each person or  group.

     4. All donations need to be turned in to the Ticket Official.

     5. It is important to know how many tickets have been given out with donations.

     6. START EARLY, please do not wait for the last week to get tickets out there.

     7. Include other churches or groups in the effort.

REMEMBER - Your group keeps 100% of the funds you raise (see details above), 0% to Jim Greeninger.


Option 2: Simply have Jim perform a Sunday afternoon concert and do a special song for service to bring them out.


Call for details and available dates: 417-251-3400 (Branson Missouri phone but in Salem, Oregon now)




July 25, 2015


Dear Pastor,

We had the privilege of hosting a concert by Jim Greeninger this last weekend.  It was incredibly beautiful music! What a delight! Jim is truly a master guitarist. He played both a set of prepared selections and over forty minutes of music requested from the audience. The requests span a wide spectrum of the music world from classical to pop from sacred to the blues from country to swing. Jim played them all in a style and tempo of their genre, all from memory, not once did he refer to a sheet of music. Everyone lined the tables in the foyer to purchase copies of his CD's at the intermission and at the close of the concert.

We all had a wonderful time. Jim's years of experience performing for a variety of audiences has honed his skills as a performer. He shared his love for the Lord as well as his understanding of the history behind the songs he played seamlessly. We laughed with him and smiled from ear to ear as we listened to such beautiful and rich sounds from the guitars he personally crafted.

All the money donated by attendees was dedicated by Jim in support of our mission team to Dominica. He did not take one dime of the ticket donations for himself. His monetary share for the evening came solely from the sale of his CD's.

This concert was so successful we are scheduling another concert for the Christmas season. Our people brought family and friends to this event on a scale we have not seen for anything else. Now that our folks have actually seen and heard Jim for themselves, I know our Christmas concert will be packed out.

Pastor Chris D May

South Salem Church of the Nazarene